Vol. 1, Issue 6 (Dec 99) Fire Safety

Fire precautions legislation deals with general fire precautions.

  • Means of detection and giving warning in case of fire.
  • The provisions and means of escape.
  • Means of fighting fire.
  • Training staff in fire safety.

The fire regulations also include a requirement to complete an assessment of the risk from fires etc.

Many organisations should now be aware of the term risk assessment and know how to complete them. If help is needed contact us, details are over the page.

The risk assessment will help you to decide the nature and extent of the general and process fire precautions which you need to provide.

There are other legal duties that you need to be aware of:-

  • Where it is necessary to safeguard the safety of your employees, you must nominate persons to undertake any special roles which are required under your emergency plan.
  • You must consult your employees about the nomination of persons to complete roles in connection with fire safety and about proposals for improving fire precautions.
  • You must inform other employers who also have workplaces in your location of any significant risks which might affect the safety of their employees and co-operate with them about measures proposed to reduce/control risks.
  • If you are not an employer, but have control of premises which contain more than one workplace, you are responsible for ensuring compliance with relevant statutory provisions in the parts you have control.
  • You must establish a means of contacting the emergency services and ensuring that they are easily contacted.
  • Law requires your employer to co-operate with you to ensure the workplace is safe from fire and its effects, and not to do anything which will place themselves or others at risk.

For a fire to start, three things are needed.

  • A source of ignition.
  • Fuel, and
  • Oxygen.

If any one of these are missing, a fire cannot start. Taking steps to avoid these three things coming together, will therefore reduce the risk of fires starting.

Further information is given in the “Stationery Offices” publication ‘Fire Safety an Employers Guide’. Grove Services (UK) Ltd can advise and assist in risk assessments and staff training.


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