Vol. 1, Issue 39 (Mar 08) Don’t take risks with Asbestos

Many people are still needlessly being exposed to asbestos in the workplace.

Despite changes in requirements, many are still not heeding the warnings. The group of people who are most likely to be exposed to asbestos are: –

  • Maintenance workers.
  • IT and data installers.
  • Telecoms.
  • Builders.

The requirements are to be found within the “Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006.

You need to decide who is the responsible person. Be it the Landlord or yourself being under the control of a repair lease or facility function.

If the location was built after 2000 the risk is low from having the material in the facility. This must be established.

Decide what information you have available i.e. surveys or insurance inspections.

You may need some external competent advice to complete an assessment/survey.

Once identified you need to let people know what you have and where it is located-giving due regard to hidden areas-in risers, in cupboards, in plant rooms and above ceilings.

If you have damaged material you may have to do something-doing nothing is not the answer.

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