Vol. 1, Issue 37 (Sep 07) Lighten the load

This year for the “European Week for Safety and Health” reflects on manual handling.

The overall aim of the European campaign on musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) is to support employers, workers, safety representatives, practitioners, preventive services, policy makers and other stakeholders in improving MSD prevention at workplace level.

The Lighten the load campaign in 2007 seeks to promote an integrated management approach to tackle MSDs embracing prevention of MSDs, and the retention, rehabilitation and reintegration of workers who already suffer from MSDs by:

  • Taking forward European action on MSDs initiated by the first European Week for Safety and Health at Work in 2000, “Turn your back on MSDs”
  • Extending the scope of EW activities in terms of themes covered, and
  • Involving all Member States and EFTA countries in the campaigning activities
  • The integrated management approach to tackle MSDs includes three key elements that are important for its successful implementation:
  • Employers, employees and government working together to tackle MSDs
  • Addressing the whole load on the body leading to MSDs, and
  • Managing the retention, rehabilitation¬†and return to work of those who suffer,¬†or have suffered, MSDs

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