Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. ‘PUWER’

The requirements of this regulation covers many areas of work equipment, from office equipment to large presses and machinery found on production lines. Many of the provisions found will not apply to the more basic types of equipment. For hazardous work equipment careful assessment will be required to ensure that the relevant provisions of the Regulations are complied with.

Taking into account suitability of equipment, maintenance inspections, specific risks, dangerous parts of machinery, protection devices, controls and control systems and lighting.

Assessment – PUWER (Microsoft Word .doc)

The following are likely to apply:-

  • inspection and maintenance of the work equipment,
  • provision of information, instruction and training,
  • marking of controls,
  • provide lighting on equipment that is necessary,
  • ensure that mobile work equipment for carrying persons is suitable,
  • ensure that mobile equipment has protection for rolling over,
  • ensure that mobile equipment has suitable facilities to prevent unauthorised starting,

Newer equipment should bear a “CE” mark to indicate that is conforms to relevant safety standards for the supply of equipment within the EC – but this may not necessarily protect the user and the employer where conditions are unsafe.

If equipment is purchased the risk associated with the operations must be suitably controlled. This could be by providing guards (fixed or automatic etc). Provision of training for the newly introduced work equipment and ensuring that safe working practices are issued, adopted and followed and ensuring that users of the equipment are competent.

Regular service and maintenance of the equipment will be required, suitable maintenance schedules should be adopted and include the nature and frequency of these maintenance tasks should allow for and include, the manufactures or suppliers recommendations,

Services we can provide.

Risk assessments, training advice and information.


Assessment – PUWER (Microsoft Word .doc)
Hand Arm Vibration – HAVS (Microsoft Word .doc)
Vibration (Microsoft Word .doc)
Hand Arm Vibration Measurements and Estimates (Microsoft Word .doc)

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