Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002

Taking into account suitability, design, usage and user.

We can complete thorough inspection of harness and associated personal protective equipment.

Identify the hazards.

When assessing the need first identify the hazards that may be present, such as eye protection, splashes of liquids, airborne dust etc, it might be appropriate to issue impact-resistant eye protection.

Employers need to take into account the nature of the hazard and the demands of the job.

Physical effort required methods of works, how long the PPE has to be worn, need for good visibility etc.

Provide more than one size. The general rule is that personal protective equipment should always fit the worker and not the other way around.

Workers who may have been involved with the selection process are more likely to accept the need for the provision of personal protective equipment.

Periodic examination could include the cleaning, disinfection, repair and replacement, and testing of the equipment.

Some equipment requires basic checks other equipment such as harnesses require greater inspection by a competent person.

Employers should ensure that:-

PPE is to be examined by a trained and competent person before it is issued to workers to ensure it is in good working order. Arrangements should be in place to clean and disinfect PPE that may be used by numbers of persons. Users of selected PPE should examine the equipment before using it to ensure that it is not defective. That the manufactures maintenance schedules are completed and that any examination and tests are recorded.

Services we can provide.

We can assist with the selection prior to use, inspections of equipment i.e. hard hats, fall protection harnesses hearing protection, etc.

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