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The Independent Regulatory Challenge Panel will be looking into complaints regarding advice given by HSE or LA inspectors which you believe to be incorrect or goes beyond what is required to control the risk adequately.The panel will consist of independent members who have the competence and experience to asses the issue. 

A worker from Rotherham was rushed by a 1.5 tonne weight landing on his back. The worker also suffered a broken shoulder, two cracked ribs and the tops of three vertebrae were snapped off when he was trapped between the counterweight of a large zinc
galvanizing machine and a junction box. HSE reports this could have easily been a fatality, the company was fined £10,000.


The Reporting of Biocides varies on whether it is you, your family, pets or wildlife that has been affected by exposure to biocides.
Incidents of exposure can happen in two different ways; one-off exposure to a large amount of a biocide. This usually has an
immediate effect on the health of people, animals or the environment, although the effects might be delayed; or longer-term exposure to small amounts of biocides. This may cause delayed and less clear-cut symptoms of ill health. It is important to report both types of exposure to the relevant authority.


A company in Bradford-upon-Avon has been fined after it removed an asbestos insulation board (AIB) ceiling in an unsafe manner,
leaving workers and residents at risk of exposure to asbestos fibres. HSE found that the company had failed to investigate whether asbestos was present in the building before work started and when removing the ceiling boards its employees and sub contractors failed to identify the material and broke up the boards releasing airborne asbestos fibres. The boards and debris were then
removed in open bags and left in the garden in a breach of safety rules. The company was fined £7000, with a further £3,671 in costs.


A care home in Wrexham has been fined £66,000 and told to pay costs of £43,287. The patient who was a resident of the home fell from his first floor room, 12ft to the ground. He was found outside with serious head injuries, and later died in hospital.

Mr T, 79 suffered from Dementia, and had broke the windows chain restrictor. He had done this on two previous occasions.A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation found that the company had failed to complete a risk assessment on the risk of residents falling from windows, and failed to implement and review its window restrictor policy.

‘They should have fitted window restrictors that could not be easily defeated and moved Mr T to a ground floor room. This was not done’.

Homes that care for confused and vulnerable persons should ensure that adequate training is provided to assist employees recognise this hazard.


To produce your own signs free of charge for your workplace. Including prohibition, warnings and Fire signs.

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A Suffolkplumber who put lives at risk by illegally working on domestic gas appliances has been sentenced to six months in prison. Mr J, carried out work on gas fittings and appliances on several properties for over a fourteen month period. Mr J told house owners he was registered and used an invalid certification number on his safety certificates. One piece of work carried out by Mr J at an Indian restaurant was judged by a qualified engineer to be so dangerous it represented “an immediate danger to life or property.” As a result of leaking gas, the restaurant was forced to close for two days. He also continued to work on Gas appliances despite a written warning from HSE and being served with a Prohibition Notice.


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The Health and Safety
Executive (HSE) is Britain’s
national regulator for workplace health and safety. It aims to reduce death,
injury and ill health. It does so through research, information and advice,
promoting training, new or revised regulations and codes of practice, and
working with local authority partners by inspection, investigation and


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