Health and Safety at Work Etc Act 1974 “HASAWA”

The issue of a suitable health and safety policy statement is a legal requirement where five or more people are employed – where less than five it need not be in writing.

The policy statement should generally consists of three sections:-

  • The statement of intent of the organisation.
  • The organisation of the operation, who does what and what responsibilities they have.
  • The arrangement section should set the objectives and aims of the organisation. This could mean compliance with current good practice and regulations and setting standards for the workplace.

When the policy is written it must be brought to the attention of the employees – providing them with copies and access to the policy is required. When any revisions have been made it must also be brought to the attention of the employees.

The employer must take active steps to promote it to be effective, this could include training sessions for employees, when working with others and perhaps advising clients and other trading partners.

Services we can provide.

We can prepare, write, issue, review and revise safety policy as required under Section 2(3) of the “Health and Safety at Work Etc Act 1974”.

Complete suitable audits and reviews – spot checks or full inspections, identification of hazards and reporting of incidents, accidents and near misses.


Audit Checklist (Microsoft Word .doc)
Accident Statistics (Microsoft Word .doc)
CDM Chart (Microsoft Word .doc)
Training (Microsoft Word .doc)
Workplace Pro-Forma (Microsoft Word .doc)


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